I created this collection of infographics to demonstrate the ability to reorganize and condense information from a wide variety of industries in a new and engaging way.

infographic cropped.jpg

This political infographic provides a brief overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The red and navy color palette creates a striking contrast that helps organize information and differentiate each section.

SFMOMA w bleed-page-001.jpg

This calendar is for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, detailing all of the temporary exhibitions appearing at the museum this year. Each exhibit had a lengthy description, so I attempted to make the format as clean and readable as possible while bringing in a bright color palette to make it more visually appealing.

Dec 4 infographic resize.png

This infographic lists out a few interesting facts about ice cream. I created the icons in Illustrator to give the infographic a fun and playful quality. The differing shades of blue help guide the reader's eye through the information without being too overbearing.